Hello and welcome!

Let me guess what has brought you here… You have been looking for love in many different places but, for some reason, true happiness and lasting fulfilment keep escaping you. You have searched and tried many different ways of getting what you want from men but all your good intentions and heart-felt efforts seem to have led you nowhere permanent, happy or safe. You are tired from disappointments and even thought of giving up. But your soul cannot let you rest, seeking to return to some vaguely remembered unearthly sense of connection and peace…  I have been at that place for many years, going in circles, hoping for a shift, but discovering the same old stories, over and over again, until my heart became bitter and hard…

And,  yet, I believe that something deep in your soul keeps telling you: “It just can’t be this way. I see my future self being content, happy and in love, and I refuse to believe this may never happen to me…” You are right to trust your inner voice – this will happen. And I can show you the way that will guarantee to get you there.

My name is Natasha Lipatova and I help women who have been “tested” in their romantic life know that they are “enough”, embrace their feminine power and create a vision and a strategy for attracting a love relationship that fulfils their deepest needs and desires.

Now, you might be asking yourself any of the following questions:

  • I am capable of giving so much, so why can’t I find love?
  • Why do my relationships work at the beginning but go pear-shape a few months (or years) later?
  • Why can’t I leave a relationship that doesn’t work?
  • How can I have my needs met without being seen as ‘needy’?
  • Why do I choose men who can’t commit or who I can’t trust?
  • Why in my relationships  do I often end up being the “strong one”?

I believe you have spent a fair amount of time searching for answers. You may even know the answer intellectually, but this doesn’t seem to change much. If you feel that you have done your ‘best thinking’ trying to solve your “love puzzles” but still struggle to find a key to happiness and fulfilment, I invite you to book a free Connection Call with me and see how I can serve you.

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