Dear aware masculine men

Dear aware masculine men,
I want to ask you to be kind to women. Love them, protect them, cherish them. Not only those women that you like or who you are close to. Take care and protect all women in your field of awareness. Let’s stop the war of genders. Women need your strength and protection – even those who say they don’t, even those who seem to have lost the key to their own kingdom, even those who are holding a grudge against you because they were hurt in the past. Women are strong and able in all sorts of ways, they are survivors, they can move mountains when they want to, they can kill to protect their child… But it’s you – you were once that child…
Don’t buy into a woman’s strong and independent front. Don’t trust when she says she just wants to have sex with you. Don’t trust her when she agrees to be your lover but can’t see a future with you. These are the signs that she is carrying pain in her heart – pain she is not yet aware of. She tries to blunt the pain by being with you but what she is offering is not going to make you happy, and she is hurting herself even more by being with you. Don’t accept her offerings if she can’t offer you all of herself. Don’t take what’s easy to take. Refuse to participate in her self-harming behaviour, as you will only go down the history as part of her pain, not as part of her life… Be her friend, if you can. Listen to her. Offer her a shoulder, a dance… But don’t allow her to mislead you or play with your desire and feelings. Rise above your immediate comforts and wants. If you can’t do it – just leave.
Women are mothers – to you, to your children, to the whole world – even those who think they are not. They are the source you seem to want to come back to, again and again. Give them your care, your strength and support – unconditionally, without expecting anything in return. Admire their grace, their forms, their alluring beauty, but don’t grasp, don’t lust, don’t put them down in revenge for their elusiveness… Take care of women, all of them – young and old, beautiful and not, aware and not. You can do it. Stop the war. Take care and protect your world and your future by protecting a woman near you. Women make home for you, they are sweet and playful and their world is full of little pretty things you like so much and of lovely smells. Your soul rests with them and you are longing for their warmth and company. Set women free from yourself and, in return, they will sooth your aching heart in appreciation and gratitude.