The Unknown is a place where Grace is awaiting

When we want to start something new – be it a new relationship, a new career, a new business or anything else – we inevitably experience some level of anxiety and doubts. Would my plan be successful? Will I be good enough? Is it the right move for me? How can I be sure?

The problem is that our ‘thinking mind’ can never be sure about the positive effects of the change. We often end up going in circles in a futile attempt to find some guarantees, which of course we cannot find because we are not in the future yet. We feel in our heart and know in our gut what is not working in our life and usually have a pretty good idea about what we need to change, but the fear of the unknown often makes us stop short of action.

The ego is a relentless conflict instigator. It is never at peace. It is always busy comparing, attacking, questioning, looking for evidence, negotiating, or trying to scare us. You can recognise ego’s voice easily. It always speaks first and it is always loud. You may well notice that when we are listening to the ego’s voice, it is never accompanied by warm, peaceful or empowering feelings. If you have not yet learnt to recognise “who is talking” in your head, there is a very easy way to know. If you are experiencing any sort of negative, contracting, uneasy or uncomfortable feelings – even ever so slight – you can be certain that the stream of thoughts you are tuning in to is broadcasted by the ego. If we choose to believe this voice, our life expression is limited and we become prisoners in our own prison. The voice of the ego is strong, but it is trying so hard only because it is not real. It wants you to believe it, so it makes you feel fear. It knows that if you feel fear it can control you, and this way its survival is guaranteed. This is all that our ego cares about – its survival. It doesn’t care about us or about our happiness.

Tune out… The ego can only exist as long as you believe that it’s real. You can still hear it, but you don’t have to believe it. It doesn’t matter what kind of life circumstances or hardship in the past made our ego so strong, erratic, cruel, hysterical or wimpy, we can still choose to tune out and not take it seriously. If we managed to learn to tune out of the daily noise around us, we can learn to disengage our attention from the ego’s voice – despite it being in our head.

Turn to the heart and tune in. Breathe in and breathe out. Listen to the quiet voice of your soul, of your intuition, the “gut feeling”. The more we practice, the easier it gets. This voice is not saying many words. There is no need. The truth is simple. You just know it. Your soul does not negotiate because the truth is not negotiable. In the soul’s eyes you are whole. It does not put you down and it does not scare you. It’s just there. And, it is waiting for you to believe it. When we start believing our soul more that we believe our ego, we can finally learn to let go, step up into the unknown, trust we will be held, and make our new life reality.