Finding love that lasts

Do you believe that women who happened to be happy in their love relationships were just “lucky” to meet the right man?

Do you think that there are not enough good men out there; therefore you have to compromise and settle for attitudes and behaviours that do not really reflect your values?

Do you feel that, when you are in a relationship, you often end up feeling more mature, more responsible, more understanding and more in control?

Do you feel like you have tried hard to find happiness in relationships with men but now you just think you are “not good enough” at it?

Maybe your answer to all these questions is actually: “No, I don’t”. But, if you asked me these questions just a few years ago, my answer to you would have been loud and clear: “Yes! I do believe, think and feel all these things!”

For most of my ‘childbearing’ life, I had no idea about what exactly I was looking for in my love relationships (apart from knowing that I just wanted to be happy) or how to tell “bad” from “good” in men. My choices of romantic partners were always either completely unconscious and determined by the forces of attraction (which, if I am frank, I used to put on a pedestal) or by my thinking mind that was busy either trying to weigh ‘losses’ against ‘benefits’ or fluctuating between the emotions of excitement (“He is the one!”) and of bitter disappointment. Both attitudes were equal in their unwavering ability to bring about rather disastrous and heart-breaking outcomes. A few years ago, some grievous events finally stopped me on my tracks and I started to look within hoping to find some answers for my unfortunate love life. And, answers I have found… (Yoda in me suddenly got activated.)

As well as learning some uncomfortable truth about myself, I also absorbed the best teachings available on the subject of love, relationships, gender polarity and feminine power. After that, I suddenly got “lucky” enough to attract an amazing man who is now my life partner.

I know that my learning of how to walk the path of love will never end. The wisdom I have now about romantic love and how to be in a relationship is precious and I have no regrets about learning “the hard way”. However, I wish you wouldn’t need to walk the same road as me in order to learn. All I want is to transmit this simple (though not easy) wisdom to other women who are still looking for keys to the Kingdom of Love, so they could spend more time of their one life being happy and at peace rather than being disappointed and heartbroken.

What I have learnt is that our life is not random. We are powerful creators of our own reality, even when we refuse to believe it. We just have to learn the laws of creation. When you know how I create, you also know how you destroy. At any given moment you can choose what you want to do. That moment is when you take responsibility for what happens tomorrow.

Remember Rose from “Titanic”? “A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets,” she said. A journey of creation and finding the love that lasts always starts there – in a deep ocean of your heart.