Do you allow yourself to receive?

This post is about the Masculine and Feminine “dance” in a relationship, so if you are interested and not biased, carry on reading because what I am going to say is important and can transform your romantic life into something far better.

According to the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah, the nature of the Masculine essence in a man is in channelling Light into this world through his worldly deeds. It moves, shapes, creates, overcomes and protects. The Masculine energy is ever dynamic and expansive.

The Masculine in a man is always seeking a reason for his worldly advancements, achievements, investments and contributions. His questions are: “What is my cause? Who am I doing it for?” A spiritual teacher and best-selling author, David Deida, claims that an “aware masculine man” is seeking places where he is needed, where he can make a difference by what he does.

Again, according to Kabbalah, the Feminine in a woman is vessel for receiving Light. If a woman is reluctant to receive then a man cannot fulfil his main mission – he cannot give and, subsequently, is not looking to stay around. When he feels unappreciated, unrecognised for what he does and unable to make the woman happy, he leaves. Always. So, if you want to drive your partner away, start complaining about his shortcomings and how unhappy he makes you feel on a regular basis. This is because a man is NOT motivated to improve his behaviour by hearing woman’s complaints and demands and, if this continues for long enough, his attention goes elsewhere…

If a woman wonders why she has not being able to attract a healthy relationship into her life, it is, most likely, because she is not allowing herself to receive. This is not surprising at all in our society, which is still dominated by patriarchal values. More often than not, women choose to engage with the world using their masculine energy. We are afraid to be vulnerable, worried to look “needy”, striving to prove our “worthiness” and sacrificing our wants and desires to be accepted, and constantly pouring money into the maintenance of a pleasing appearance. We keep fighting for our independence and play it “cool”, even when our heart is shattered into a million pieces.

In my opinion, the biggest absurdity in modern relationships is that women often think that a man will be driven away as soon as he starts suspecting that a woman “needs” him. Many women are trying to be extremely “disciplined” in keeping the expression of their “needs” (for attention, care, love, protection, admiration, support, loyalty, material gifts, etc.) under strict surveillance. The outcome of such control is completely the opposite of the desired one: a “not-needed” man loses interest and leaves.

Many women still think that the main reason men are prepared to give is because they are looking for intimacy. Without realising it, these women are undermining their power, their light, and their worth, and diminishing their ability to receive, hence their chances of being happy in a relationship.

If you are a woman looking for a great relationship, just take it in that an “aware masculine man” (and this is the only kind that a woman usually claims she wants to meet) is looking for your smile, your appreciation, your lively energy, your ability to feel deeply, your intuition, your warmth and your company. If you can be generous in showing your man that he makes you feel happy by what he does for you – this is the best gift you can give to him and the most convincing reason for his care and commitment.

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