“I have to say what a fantastic Coach. Natasha blessed me with a safe space to express my concerns regarding my challenges in relationships with men.  Never felt judged and felt free to open up and talk about self esteem issues that may be affecting my ability to attract a new relationship since me husband passed away. Natasha went as far as recommending books I can read and practice… A Coach that i am happy to pay because she is professional and coaches with passion and integrity.”  (Maria, UK)

“I was so happy to have Natasha as my coach! She really helped me very quick to define in my further direction of personal development. Her questions and recommendations were strong and showed me my focus to growth. She sent me written feedback by e-mail which was very important, supportive and helped me a lot. I definitely recommend Natasha as a coach to help you find your own path in any key areas that are important to you!” (Elena, Russia)

“Natasha is a kind, gentle and nurturing soul. Working with her, not only her gentleness and patience soothed my mind, but also her perceptive nature helped me understand and accept what life offers. If you are looking for a nurturing coach, don’t look further, Natasha is the right one!”  (Helen, US)

“Natasha has been really helpful for me when I was going through difficult moments of letting go a old relationship. Her kindness and her patience helped me to open up and to share with her my deepest fears. The silent spaces were there to give me time and share deep stuff that I was caring inside me…” (Elena, UK)